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The Ecosystem is all messed up right now, and I'm a Higher Being for the moment. Not just that, but I'm #10. La Shawn is #6. Even so, it only has 8 links listed for me and 12 for La Shawn. I wish I knew how to get a screen shot of this!

Update: This wasn't the last time something like this happened. See here. Apparently it was because of a bug in the Ecosystem software or an update of some kind. The second instance seems to be from an update the the software or something, perhaps to fix the first problem. Whatever it is did something similar, though it didn't affect me anywhere near as greatly with the positive swing after removing most of my links from its list at first and turning me into a rodent (or maybe something lower -- I don't remember now).


I noticed that this morning, too. Weird stuff.

Well, they seem to have fixed it, so it didn't last even until the next update, which should be sometime after midnight tonight and before dinner time tomorrow. (I'm not sure why it's so inconsistent in its update time.)

I was wondering if someone had hacked the site. It's the sort of thing that might happen if TTLB's access to most of the internet was down, and it couldn't download the link information from most sites but could get some of the information from a few sites, the ones at that time therefore at the tip. The problem with that explanation is that my page listed lots of links, so it had access to the information. It just wasn't counting them at the top and where it had any effect. So it was either (1) a bug in the software, which got fixed, (2) someone hacked it, and now it's restored, or (3) he was updating the software for tallying the blog information and it didn't work right, so he switched it back and went back to work on whatever he was doing so it would work right.

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