Shame and Things That Happen

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The Meandering Mind reflects on the role of shame in evaluating things that happen to you. Some things just happen to you, and we all know that things happen to you. Other things are shameful and are not known as just happening to you. To some extent this comes out of our discussion of homosexuality. It's definitely worth reading and thinking carefully about. It's not the kind of thinking about this issue that people usually do, and it involves a number of other elements unrelated to homosexuality.


"The law was added so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more..." Romans 5v.20

This conversation of your was very timely. I just made an aquaintance with this guy, through my church's listserve.

The actions/statements/reactions of the members of my church listserve only convince me more that its really a media thing, where homosexuals are demonized by christians. The members of my listserve are in general, in their late 40's and upwards. I'm the youngest. None of us have treated this guy as though he was a "issue" or a "special sinner". However we have also not been people who suddenly turn around and say "Well, is it really unbiblical ?"

I do think there are a number of things Christians do that make gay people feel like issues rather than people, and some of the resistance to what I was saying from one or two people on that comment thread illustrated my point very well. Julie talks about those things in the posts I linked to. I don't think it's just a media thing at all.

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