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I've gone up in the Ecosystem again, this time only to #96 (as opposed to #10 last weekend), but that's enough for a Playful Primate. Unfortunately, it's again because of Ecosystem fixes that have shifted things around a bit. I was way down yesterday because of the early stages of this update, but I guess being much higher now makes up for it. I'm sure I'm be a Large Mammal again tomorrow.

Update: I can't tell if it's done with what it's been doing yet, but most people's rankings I've checked seem to be close to back to normal. It seems that some people are getting their own links to themselves within their blogs counting as more than they previously did, and that's why I'm at #96. I don't know if this bootstrapping is permanent or just a temporary effect until it updates tomorrow. It feels like a cheat to get so high in the Ecosystem from something like that, though.


Congratulations on the excellent placement. Its good to see a Blogdom of God member place high in the rankings. We Marauding Marsupials are in awe!

Well, I really don't expect it to be permanent.

Actually, Hugh Hewitt, Aaron's Rantblog, and One Hand Clapping are all regularly much higher than this.

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