Philosophers' Carnival II

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The second Philosophers' Carnival is at Siris. Someone must have nominated my Abortion and Personhood, in which I depart from the philosophical orthodoxy on personhood. I didn't submit it myself.

Uriah at Desert Landscapes has a great post on a new way to construe modality. Instead of basing it on counterparts in other worlds, either concrete ones as Lewis did or abstract ones as most people do, Uriah wants to base statements about possibility on properties we have, such as my having the property of possibly having had blue eyes. I think this is a fascinating idea. Someone I know wanted to do it in terms of actual properties not had by me (e.g. a friend's blue eyes), and I think this has advantages over that but also brings a couple difficulties. See my comment.

Neil Levy at The Garden of Forking Paths has a careful presentation of a number of different factors related to accountability, responsibility, and whether an action can be attributed to the agent rather than some blind and unintelligent brain process, with some interesting problem cases about which I'm not certain I know what I think. I enjoyed reading it, and I think both the careful distinctions and helpful application to cases increased my understanding of what I think is a very hard subject.

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