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Someone put together an electoral map with all the states resized according to population.

This is from a site that's generally pretty good (their Senate watch is the only thing I've seen like it), though the latest update has some strange comments about Dick Cheney's severance package from Halliburton being a salary and some comments that seem to assume that Cheney has any financial tie to the success of Halliburton, which he doesn't, as a bi-partison Congressional panel determined when they saw that his package is fixed so that nothing Halliburton gains through any government contracts can raise or lower it. The cry of "Halliburton!" reminds me of "Roswell!", the cry of conspiracy theorists everywhere.

There's also an interesting set of data on polls before the 2000 election, though the author seems to have forgotten that the reason the polls weren't as accurate just before the election is that Bush's National Guard issue was conveniently leaked right at the last minute before the election (as was done with Schwarzeneggar with the Gropinator accusations). If this had been done a couple weeks earlier, the Bush campaign could have recovered more by the election, and Florida and the claims of an illegitimate president might never even have been an issue. As it was, the election was right during the peak Gore got out of it, and it was closer than the polls had been indicating.

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