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The spammers seem to be trying something new, but I can't figure out what and why. I've noticed a number of comments in the last few days on this blog and the other two Ektopos blogs (usually appearing on more than one blog at once, which is one sign that it's spammers) that have dead links, a simple comment like "nice post" or "nice blog" or "I agree with you", and an email address usually from the same domain as the dead link but sometimes from an address that looks just like the ones I've gotten most of my spam from in recent months (another sign that it's spammers and not just people being nice but wanting to remain anonymous). What's going on here? Why advertize a site that doesn't exist? Maybe it's pre-emptive spam, hoping that people won't delete the comments if there's nothing being advertized, and then they'll put something up at the address later on. Maybe it's supposed to be a test of some form. I can't really figure out a likely explanation. From now on any comment with no real content to it that links to anything that isn't a real site will be deleted, and that URL will be banned.


Aside from the dead links, that kind of comment spam is a very common way of attempting to get a higher Google ranking. So my guess as to what is happening is that the spammers took over various computers (made them into zombies) and the zombies are continuing to pump out spam even though the domains no longer exist. Just a guess though.

I've gotten a few of those in the last couple of weeks, and they were followed up by real comment spam. Maybe they are probes.

I think I got just one of those and no more. That suggests that it's a probe trying to determine how many hits they will get by spamming your comments. They can count the hit and still return a 404 so you don't know what's going on.

They could have a robot that finds blog addresses and posts the random comments. The ones that show high traffic will be targetted.

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