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Since Matthew installed MT-Blacklist on the Ektopos blog server, my life has been so much easier. I was deleting 50 comments a day at times with the three Ektopos blogs, sometimes for a few days straight, with most of them left by the same person with many different IPs (the fake email addresses were extremely similar). Rarely would there be more than one on the same entry, which means there's no way to delete them all in one fell swoop. Each has to be done with three separate clicks, each taking a few seconds at least (and on my computer one taking 15-20 seconds sometimes). Occasionally I'd have a day or two with none or a few comments to delete. Now it's rarely more than a few a day and often none. All I have to do is enter the URL and it's banned. No one can advertize that URL on any Ektopos site. It doesn't matter how many times they try again after that with a different IP or a different comment message. They need to advertize a different site to submit a comment. The number of comment attempts hasn't changed. I think it may even have increased drastically. The activity log shows much activity. It just says for each banned comment that MT-Blacklist banned it.

There's one thing that I miss about the old IP banning. MT has such a nice way of describing what happens when someone at a banned IP tries to submit a comment. It says "comment throttled". It's too bad MT-Blacklist doesn't do any throttling. What it does is nice and effective, but it would be so much more fun if it also involved a good throttling.

Update: I guess I have to take some of that back. I wrote this last night and posted it this morning. Meanwhile, someone got two of the Ektopos blogs with something like 20 comments during the night. The difference with MT-Blacklist is that I can enter the doman name once and then click on De-spam to list all the comments with any violations (which should only be ones that haven't been deleted since the latest blocking string was added). After glancing throguh the list to make sure they were really spam and making sure "rebuild each entry after deletion" was checked, all it took was one click, and they were all gone. No more going to each editing page for each comment, and no more rebuilding the whole blog to remove them all from public viewing. Anyone using Movable Type who doesn't have MT-Blacklist installed needs to get it.


This does not have anything to do with me does it ?

I usually, deliberately write an erroneous email adress so that webagents wont pick up my adress and spam me.

e.g. anthem22at@atyahoo.comm


No, this has to do with spam. You've never advertized anything commercially unless it was completely anonymous! Most of it has to do with prescription medication, gambling, member enlargement, and all the usual spam that proliferates over email. It's common in MT blogs because they're part of the page itself, and the higher-ranked blogs have more of it because it boosts their Google rankings.

Blacklist is such a great plugin. There's a version for WordPress which I use now, and I've only had two spam emails because of it.

I've had much more than that since Blacklist was installed earlier this week, but then I was probably getting much more beforehand than you were before installing it.

They know that advertising on my blog would be next to pointless, due to low readership. ;-)

MT-Blacklist is wonderful, sometimes blocking as many as 20 spam comments a day at my site. I just have no idea why the perpetrators want to pick on my blog. I'm sure that I get less traffic than Neil, yet they continually try to post there anyway.

It's a mystery.

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