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The League of Reformed Bloggers is a news aggregator and blogroll featuring bloggers who write from the perspective of a Reformed worldview. This is being co-hosted and moderated by Jollyblogger and Challies.com. I believe I have the honor of being the third member after Adrian Warnock and Jollyblogger.

Here's a much-shortened form of the announcement. You can follow the link above for more:

Our desire is to provide a place where those who write and read blogs can find biblical, theological, cultural and social issues addressed from the richness of the Reformed theological tradition. If you have a blog and would like to be a part of this, here are some guidelines for membership (see the fuller statement for more on each of these).

1. Embracing the Five Solas of the Reformation
2. Agreement with one or more of the standard Reformed Confessions (or if you are Anglican or Lutheran, and hold to either the 39 Articles or the Book of Concord, as well as embracing a high view of God�s sovereignty and the five solas).
3. Practice civility in your interactions with others.
4. Write about whatever you want.

To join or see more information, follow the link above.


We are Reformed. Lower your falsehoods and surrender your minds. We will add your reasoning and cognitive abilities to our own. Your personality will adapt to service ours. Resistance is futile.

Jeremy - I think you are correct - you were the third one.
Thanks for plugging the LORB.

Great Stuff!!!

"Lower your falsehoods and surrender your minds."

Does Christ expect anything less?

The Arminians certainly think so!

Thanks for LORB!...


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