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A Dell technician just left after replacing my motherboard because of a faulty power input. I've been running on batteries for the past few days, charging them in Sam's computer while my computer was shut down and then rebooting every time I need to use it again once the battery is charged. After the new motherboard was in, I reinstalled my sound card drivers (which I'd reinstalled many times while it wasn't working, to no avail), and the sound worked immediately (well, once I realized I needed to turn the volume back up again). So I was right all along that the previous motherboard had a bad sound card, something I thought was true back in April or whenever it was that I got the new motherboard. The Dell tech guy was insisting that it was a corrupt operating system and wanted me to wipe my whole hard drive and reinstall to see if it was software. The Dell tech I talked to this week about my power problem told me I was more likely right than the other tech guy, and the woman who came to install the new motherboard agreed. Sure enough, I was right. Well, it's nice to have sound again after months with just a system beep. Too bad they wouldn't replace my motherboard back when they should have, since it was their fault.

Update: Well, it's not over yet, I guess. This motherboard is defective and keeps freezing up, and they won't be able to fix it until Wednesday due to the holiday. So I'll have much more spotty access to anything on my computer for enough more time that this will be well over a week total by the end of it. I'm going to have to be extra careful to save important posts as I'm tying them, or I'll lose stuff, and I might not want to try taking on anything too time-consuming, e.g. the next affirmative action post on reparations. Maybe I'll just decide to do it on Sam's computer, though, and use this one primarily to transfer files. I'm not sure it's a good idea to use this computer too much with memory parity interrupt errors coming in at no provocation. I'll have to see how bad it is, and that will take some use.


I've had several horrible experiences with Dell...when it comes time to replace my laptop I think I'll go with another company.

They've always been really good to me most of the time. They replace everything once it's clear what the problem is. I just couldn't prove this was the motherboard, because I wouldn't wipe my hard drive. I should have just put the other hard drive in to show that it still didn't work. Their computer systems have it set up that you don't replace an expensive part like a motherboard unless other options that cost less are eliminated. The other companies will have the same sort of restriction if they replace the parts at all.

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