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Warren at View from the Pew is talking about a potential rise in God blogs once the election is over and people care less about politics, taking his view from a post by Joe Carter a few days ago. Interestingly, he thinks I could rise to the top. I think he underestimates what's requiired for that. I figure I'd have to blog as a half-time job to have enough good content to make the top 100 and stay there. Every time I approach the top 150 because of a carnival I host, the rapid drop begins a day or two later, and the higher you get the harder it is to rise or even stay. So maybe it could happen, but I don't expect much movement beyond where I am now, at least not except for short spurts or as extremely gradual progress.

Since he doesn't have comments on his blog, I wanted to correct a couple things in his post. First, he doesn't think any God blogs are in the top 100. A whole bunch are. As of yesterday (today's update hasn't gone through yet), we have God blogs at the following positions:

47 Hugh Hewitt
52 One Hand Clapping
59 Aaron's Rantblog
71 Evangelical Outpost
94 New Trommeter Times
96 La Shawn Barber's Corner

Aaron's Rantblog is in the Blogdom of God, but I'm not sure why. It doesn't seem at all like a Christian blog as far as I've been able to tell, and it's so offensive at times that I won't link it. So I know why Warren would leave that out. Trommeter Times is rigged, so it shouldn't be that high, but it is so I listed it (look at the referrals if you don't believe me; most of them are internal links). Since it hosts the Christian Carnival now and then, it should count. La Shawn and Joe both blog about Christian topics at least once a week or so, sometimes much more frequently. On average Joe probably does as often as I do, La Shawn a little less often.

In addition, others are so close that they could easily get to the top 100, since these rankings move around.

109 Josh Claybourn
111 King of Fools

I know Josh has been in the top 100. I don't know if the King has. Josh does major on politics, but he has Christian posts often enough, and he's in the Blogdom of God, as is La Shawn above (though for some reason her new site isn't anymore, after having been in it for a couple weeks, but the old one is still there). Maybe King of Fools also has more politics than religion, but he's almost the secondary founder of the Christian Carnival, so there's no way you can leave him out of consideration.

One other factor to keep in mind is that Ecosystem rankings just show how many links someone gets. I get far more links with respect to the amount of traffic I get, whereas some people get far more traffic as compared to their links. He Lives, for instance, gets much more traffic than I do, I think. I have a lot more links than he does. (Also, he blogs a lot about theology and not just about ID stuff. Recently he's even done less ID than he was for a while. I'd say ID is second to theology for him.) Oh, and GetReligion is in the Ecosystem at #1014 with about 100 links. It really should be in the top 100, but those of us who are higher up need to read it more and link to it more, so more people find out about it.


As a newcommer to the Blogdom of God I found your post very interesting and will be watching for the coming rise of the "God Blogs" in the EcoSystem. I've added a link to you.

The comments should be working again -- Haloscan seems to poop out on me every so often. Of course, Blogspot isn't much better ....

I should have looked at the top 100 a lot closer. I missed LaShawn completely, which embarasses me a lot. I even mentioned EO later in the post, so I have no idea why I missed those. I should have included Josh as well.

Guess my biggest gaffe was interpreting links to as an indication of popularity. I tried to look at blogs4God and check into the 'Blog Hits' in each description, but I wonder how many Godbloggers are listed there. When you look at it there, He Lives is really high on the "Hit Parade". I'm looking forward to seeing him blog more theology. I'll probably be doing more of that, as opposed to the cultural criticism I've been doing, as this semester goes on.

Thanks for the correction!

Great post. La shawn is out because she appears to have asked to be in one of the other alliances. Aaron is in because he asked. He told me he was Jewish.

Please can you email me privately about this- cant seem to find an email address for you which is strange as I am sure we have corresponded before!

Not to sound too self-centered, but for the last three weeks I haven't really been posting due to my mother's death. That's why I'm not currently in the top 100, although I am usually.

I fluctuate between #94 and #98. I wouldn't be surprised if I fell back down to Large Mammal. But that would be OK.

When I signed up for the Alliance of Free Blogs, I didn't know I could appear on only one blogroll. I consider myself still part of the Blogdom of God, though. I admit I chose to remain on Free Blogs because I get more links. ;)

I once made it to #329, but mostly I hover around 1000. That doesn't help God very much.

Wow so far I topped out at 7000 something. Perhaps I should get around to joining the Blogdom of God. I do most of my commenting on GetReligion. I think it many ways its has the most chance of hitting blog mainstream.

Frankly I wouldn't count on politics to go away as long as Bush is in office. They may not like Kerry but they hate Bush. Things will stay politicized for a while if people can manage it.

LA Shawn, I just realised that you were not being aggregated- you are now an aggregated member of the BOG but not on the blogroll (except as in your old address)

I, on the other hand, am included in the Evangelical Aggregator (as a result of its orignial creation - resulting, I think, from a comment thread at Evangelical Outpost just as Joe began his blog, if I remember correctly...), but not in the Blogdom of God! D'OH!

Ah, well. Adrian, you've done masterful work with the BOG. It's certainly huge now!

I'm stuck in the 800s in the Ecosystem. Destined for obscurity, it would seem. Woe is me!

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