Christian Carnival XXXIV

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The 34th Christian Carnival is at Fringe this week. It has my God's Image and Personhood and Sam's Single Sin. I have three other recommendations this time around.

As I think was true of the last few carnivals, there's a comprehensive and informative post at The Bible Archive, this time on what happens to believers after death. It clears up some common misconceptions Christians have and focuses on what the Bible actually says, looking at all the passages I think get ignored too much. The one hesitation I have is extremely nitpicky, and that's that I don't think we can be confident of being fully conscious in the intermediate state. I do think we'll have some level of consciousness, enough to realize that we are in God's presence, but I don't see any warrant for thinking we will be fully aware of much without bodies, which Paul says we'll be sorely incomplete without (well, he says we'll be naked, but that's obviously a metaphor because we won't have bodies that could be naked).

Exultate Justi has a great focus on what's important in how a Christian deals with people who are gay. I don't know if I would affirm every sentence in the post, but where he generally leaves us at the end seems to me to be the right place. It's more of a modification to how we should think about marriage at all, and I hesitate only a little in endorsing such a move.

Finally, for a lighter note see Mark Roberts' entrance into the realm of satire with God Sure Has Lots of Stuff.

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