Christian Carnival XXXV

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The 35th Christian Carnival is at Rebecca Writes. She was gracious enough to include me The Name of the Trinity even though I didn't submit it until the morning of the Carnival.

Siris posts on spiritual alms-giving suggesting that ordinary deeds of Christians can be works of mercy if done from the right motivation, and he lists some surpising items (e.g. teaching doctrine). His discussion on forgiveness at the end raises some important issues also. I'm not sure what I think about all of them, but it drove my thoughts in a direction they hadn't been before, which is good.

I have to link to this notes from the front line post on prayer and Acts 12, just to quote this section: "I've had that thought every time I've read through Acts, but Sunday as I drove home from church, I thought about it again, but this time in italics: Why couldn't they believe it when God actually answered their prayers? (I need to do a lot more of that, by the way -- think in italics. I don't think Christians in general do it enough when they read Scripture.)"

Minis Tirith does a great job explaining the Old Earth Creationist position. I agree with his general account of how to interpret the creation accounts in Genesis, in his criticism both of Young Earth Creationism and Day-Age Creationism. In my experience, Young Earthers see a day-age view as the only alternative to a young earth or the standard neo-Darwinian position (with both of those in their minds refuted by the text), but most commentators on Genesis read the creations accounts in a way that doesn't require a young earth, a day age framework, or any view on whether evolution occurred from lower species to humans.

John Kerry used the parable of the good Samaritan to criticize President Bush, but pawigoview says Kerry's assignnment of people to characters in the parable is all wrong. Kerry says Bush fails to do what the Samaritan did, but in reality it's those who wouldn't have done what Bush did who have failed in this way. I think Bush was well aware that what he was doing was going to be unpopular, but he thought it was the right thing, and I haven't seen a good argument yet that it wasn't. This post focuses on Iraq and thus doesn't really address the domestic issues Kerry was also dealing with, but that's an area where I happen to think Bush is at least no worse than Kerry when all issues are factored in.

Next week's carnival will be at Neophyte Pundit.

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