Christian Carnival XXXVI

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Neophyte Pundit is the host of this week's 36th Christian Carnival. I'm represented with Repent and Believe.

Jollyblogger has a great post called Still Trying to Get the Gospel that Adrian Warnock rightly has connected with my own post that I just mentioned. I read Jollyblogger's post right after I posted my own, even though his was up first, and I immediately thought someone should show the connections between these somehow. I just didn't think I could put what I was thinking into words. I tried a few times to put into words what his post was even about, and it just didn't sound right, so you'll just have to read it.

Viewpoint reviews Alister McGrath's book on atheism. Key quotes: "The true opium of modernity is not Christianity, which tells us that we are accountable for every choice we make in life, but rather, McGrath says, "the belief that there is no God, so that humans are completely free to do precisely as they please." McGrath's claim that Protestant descaralization of communion, icons, etc., is "a little bit like blaming the Wright brothers for 9/11". There are a number of statements about no resources within an atheistic to construct morality that I would want to qualify, since I think naturalistic worldviews have the resources for a reductionistic account of morality, but I agree that that's not morality.

Proverbial Wife argues that even sleep can be spiritual, and she doesn't mean anything weird and mystical.

As a good counterbalance to my Lying post a while back, Rebecca Writes continues her series on the attributes of God with God's truthfulness and what that means for us. I have to confess that this isn't what I think of when I think of the attributes of God. I generally think of the more abstract ones. So it's good that she's drawing our attention to this and its importance.

Mark Roberts argues for the church's role in politics. It's anything like what you might think. This whole series looks good.


Thank you, especially for the disclaimer. Of course someone did leave a weird and mystical comment, but I rectified it ;)

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