CBS on the Draft Hoax

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I've been trying to focus on other things than politics, and I already had two political posts yesterday, but this is too important to let stand without comment. Dan Rather seems to have stepped in it again, this time with the internet hoax about Bush wanting to institute a draft. To his credit, he mentions that Bush and Kerry both say they won't institute a draft, but the segment picks out one woman, points out that she's a Republican but a one-issue voter, and then makes it seem as if she's going to vote against Bush over the draft issue, when in reality her one-issue vote is over Iraq in general, and there's no indication from any of the quotes from her or her kids that their fear of the draft has anything to do with either Bush or Kerry. There's also no inclusion of a Democrat who is worried about the draft and willing to let it affect her vote. The reality is that some Democrats in Congress have initiated some bills that are pretty much doomed to failure. A couple Republicans have indicated interest or endorsement, but none is willing to co-sponsor, and most Democrats are against the idea also. Anyone who knows these issues will realize how awful this segment is. Unfortunately, Rather knows that most people aren't informed, which just shows how devious the guy is. For more see Joe Carter and Josh Claybourn.

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One of Sen. John Kerry's political strategies is to scare the public by asserting, among other things, that President Bush will establish a military draft (see John Kerry Raises Possibility That Military Draft May Return if President Bush Is Re-Elected... Read More

So why is CBS just now running a story claiming that the draft may be reinstated? And why did they chose to interview a woman who claimed to be Republican who said that she was a one issue voter with the implication being that the one issue for her w... Read More


Theater legislation. Our hard earned tax money at work.

I think Rather wants to be Michael Moore when he grows up.

No, seal-lover. It sounds more like Geraldo or Jerry Springer to me.

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