Carnival of the Vanities CIV

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The 104th Carnival of the Vanities is at Silflay Hraka, the blog of the founder. In case you aren't aware of the significance of #104 with a weekly carnival, that's twice 52, and there are 52 weeks in a year. That makes this the two-year anniversary of the COTV. The host graciously accepted my entry on the tensions between attitudes toward affirmative action and racial profiling, even though all the ridiculous things going on last week distracted me from sending it in until the day of the Carnival, so I send forth much appreciation with my trackback.

I've never heard of anyone fisking a political cartoon before, but Alan Henderson does exactly that with Mad Magazine's Bush Campaign ad if they were running against Jesus. The one problem with Alan's fisking is that it may well miss the point. His effort is well spent arguing that the things the ad says about Jesus are misunderstandings of Jesus. I suppose it's possible that the cartoon is intended to show that Jesus is a 2004-style American liberal. I'm not sure. I think it's at least as likely that it's trying to show that the Bush Campaign misrepresents its opponents, and Alan's fisking doesn't deal with that charge at all (in fact it more explains how the misunderstandings would go in this case). I don't agree with the charge, and I think most of what he says about Jesus' words is right, but I need to acknowledge that he hasn't dealt with one interpretation of the cartoon.

Digitus, Finger & Co. reflects on the evil of Hitler but argues that evil is quite normal for human beings, and our sense that he's a monster much worse than us ignores the potential for evil in all of us.

Feste has some good fact-checking on the Cheney chickenhawk claims. The language is a tad stronger than I usually like to link to, but I didn't know about some of these matters of how the draft worked, and it's worth knowing about. I did know that college deferments were not seen by the military at the time as draft-dodging. I'm not quite sure how they came to be seen as that.

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