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The 105th Carnival of the Vanities is at The Eleven Day Empire. In the Star Wars theme he's got going, my post on Kerry, Bush, and philosophical ability has something to do with the way Yoda speaks. One downside of not saying anything about the posts you link to is when they're Blogger posts, and you have no idea which one was supposed to be in the Carnival because the permalink won't work and there was absolutely little content in the description to help find it. I guess the bigger downside is that you're doing little to encourage anyone to read any of the posts. Oh, well.

Fringe submits an excellent post about the parallels between the X-Files and what he calls the X-Files generation. This was my favorite show for a long time, and I think the general idea behind his comparison is right. I'm not entirely sure of the causal relationship, but I think there was probably some connection.

Classical Values gathers a number of quotes and sources to show that President Bush is nothing like what people seem to want to portray him as on the matter of religion. By the end of it, the quotes he gives from Bill Clinton and John Kerry just seem ignorant.

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