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Hey! I've gotten my first mention on Blogs4God since I switched from Pundits to Apologia, which means a different person reads for stuff to post on their main page. When I first signed up at Blogs4God I had to choose category, and both seemed equally good, but I would have preferred a theology category to either. I chose Pundits because at that time I'd done a higher percentage of posts on politics than on strict apologetics. Since then, I've realized that most people choose Apologia if their interest is mainly theology, and it also occurred to me that, even though more posts may have been political, I think my best and most in-depth stuff has been more apologetical. So I switched. I had only two posts highlighted in all the time I was under Pundits, which was at least six months, probably because what I have to offer there doesn't really stand out as different or interesting exept that I'm a white conservative man married to a black conservative woman and that my political posts are more informed by philosophical reasoning than most. In apologetics, though, I have a real diversity of interests and professional training that's much more relevant, and I've actually taught apologetics or material directly relevant to it, both formal in a classroom and informally in home study groups. So I'm under Apologia now. David Heddle of He Lives is the Apologia guy for Blogs4God, and he listed my God's Image and Personhood post in his latest survey of what he finds interesting among Blogs4God Apologia blogs. I appreciate the mention, especially because this post that took a lot of work. I also just realized that I don't even have a link to Blogs4God, so I better go put one in. It's far more comprehensive than the Blogdom of God, though I appreciate the cozier atmosphere, aggregator, and blogroll system of the Blogdom (and of course I like the list of blogs on the aggregator page in Ecosystem order, which puts me near the top). So they nicely coexist and serve different purposes.

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