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According to a candidate for Congress in TN, there is such a thing. He prefers to speak euphemistically of "less favored races". This guy's about as far away from either party as you can get, probably belonging in the Constitution Party or something, but since no one was willing to oppose him until too late to get on the ballot, he's actually gotten the Republican nomination. This is one race where I'm cheering on a longtime Democratic incumbent, who really has no chance of losing anyway (which is why no one bothered to run against him in 2the first place except this yahoo).

It's one thing to oppose immigration on the grounds that the current American culture, including that of black Americans, needs to settle down for a while and a2rrive at a more enduring nature. That's Pat Buchanan's view. I think Buchanan's view seems more mean-spirited than he really is, though there is an element of discomfort with non-American culture that fuels his supporters. It's a stupid policy either way.

This guy, though, seems to be motivated not from discomfort but from wanting to keep anyone he considers less favored out of sight and out of mind entirely, which you can't achieve just by stopping immigration. You'd need to reinstitute segregation and discrimination against non-whites to achieve this guy's goals. I didn't think it was possible for anyone like this to get a nomination in any major party anymore. It's an accident of the fact that the incumbent is viewed as unbeatabler, but it's still really creepy that he could get that many votes. Some of those voters had to have known what he stands for. I wonder if this sort of thing surfacing every now and then can actually have a good effect, though, by reminding us what the racism of yesteryear was really like, putting in context the bad not not as bad racism that still goes on today. There's not much comparison.

Thanks to w1re for pointing this article in my direction (or is it the other way around?)

Update: See Booker Rising for more on this.

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