Philosophers' Carnival I

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The very first Philosophers' Carnival is now online at Philosophy, et cetera... It includes my first Prosblogion post on the problem of evil and open theism, which has now been joined by part II, and Ben Bradley's OrangePhilosophy post Help Me Choose a Murder Victim from last month.

Michael Cholbi's PEA Soup entry on the issue of whether mental and psychological competence is necessary for execution or whether such a requirement is simply perverse was interesting to me simply because the whole issue had never occurred to me. He's right that a number of other interesting questions arise once you consider this. I don't know what I think about most of them.

Maverick Philosopher discusses a logical problem with the incarnation. His solution is to say that Jesus isn't essentially human (for non-philosophers, that just means he didn't have to become incarnated). I thought it was fishy when I saw the claim that God the Son might not have been Jesus, because 'Jesus' is a proper name for God the Son. My questioning that amounts to questioning the same inference Maverick Philosopher wanted to question, so I don't think we really disagree. The one thing he said that I really did question is his claim at the beginning that God the Father is radically transcendent and God the Son immanent, as if each person of the Trinity has to be one or the other. An orthodox Christian theology doesn't divide up transcendence and immanence between different persons of the Trinity. God the Father is as immanent as he is transcendent. A quick read of the psalms should give a sense of both. Similarly, God the Son is fully transcendent even with the incarnation. That's part of what he claims about his identity through doing things the scriptures assign only to God.

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