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Saved is a soon-to-be-released film about a Christian school, someone coming out as gay, his girlfriend being told in a "vision" to have sex with him to keep him from being gay, and both of them being ostracized because of it. I'm always suspicious when Hollywood does anything about evangelical Christians, because I know full well that most people in Hollywood have never even met a serious and thoughtful evangelical. I don't know if anyone involved in this film is a Christian, but MC thinks the film is a good satire of Christian culture and not just an attempt by unbelieving Hollywood to make fun of Christians, though it does contain far too many examples of one-dimensional stereotypical Christian characters. Check out her review for more.

I still won't go see it without seeing other reviews and gauging more people's thoughts on whether it seems out to make fun of Christians, but we see hardly anything these days, so our not seeing it may just be a result of having too many other things that take priority. Spiderman 2 is still our top priority at the moment, and that's been out for weeks. The last movie we saw was The Prisoner of Azkaban, and I think the last before that was The Return of the King. I may be forgetting one, but we don't see movies in the theater that often, and if it's not sci-fi or at least an action movie it doesn't go on the top of the very small list we can afford to hope we'll go see.


Saw Saved awhile back. I didn't think it was a great film. The messages in the movie were all wrong (e.g. accept homosexuality, Christians are uncool, etc), but more than that it just wasn't funny (though I must admit the Christian school headmaster character was a perfect sterotype of some youth pastors I've known). That was the best part, everything else was forgettable.

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