Marriage and Celibacy

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Beyond the Rim... has a great explanation of why it's unfair to characterize the biblical position on marriage as saying celibacy is a higher calling, with marriage a fallback option.

There's a discussion of this also, with more focus on the passage from I Corinthians 7 that's often used to justify the view that celibacy is preferred, at I don't agree with either what Tim calls the traditional view or the one is he is presenting (but not necessarily endorsing) as an alternative, but it's an interesting discussion. If you want to know what I think, look in the comments. I do fully agree with everything he says in the followup post on whether Paul is reporting an uninspired opinion when he says "I, not the Lord".


I have never quite understood the Christian Church's fear of sex and its blatant defiling of the marriage bed (against Heb. 13:4 and God's own command to Eve in Gen. 3:16 where the wife's desire is supposed to be for her husband). It boggles the mind, especially since that position also destroys The Song of Solomon as God's marriage manual.

There are a lot of things left out of the "full gospel" aren't there?

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