Kerry and Secrecy

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People like to complain about how secretive the Bush Administration. Most of them aren't very sensitive to legitimate reasons why secrecy would be important on national security matters, especially at a time of war, but that's standard practice for conspiracy theorists. Still, a number of people who know more about these things than I do, but aren't conspiracy theorists, say that Bush Administration is less willing to disclose information than most have been. That may be so. I wonder how a Kerry Administration would do with the secrecy issue, though. Belief Seeking Understanding gives some indications that John Kerry has been fairly secretive on some important matters that should be public record for a candidate for the presidency. It's not on the first level of things everyone should know, but it's relevant given the current complaints of the Swift Boat Vets for Truth, but he's arranged things so that he's gotten this far without having done the thing that would take more time than we've got remaining. There's no way for him to use these records to respond to the complaints, because there isn't enough time to get them released before the election. So if these documents could absolve him of guilt on these matters, then he's shot himself in the foot with his secrecy on the issue. If the documents prove the complaints of the Swift Boat Vets, of course, then his secrecy is worse than anything I've seen shown to be true about Bush. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, though, so I'm not going to assume there's anything condemning in there. I know a lot of people who won't give Bush that benefit of the doubt.

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