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The next Christian Carnival is at Beyond the Rim... The lucky dog gets #30. (I guess I'll have to do more jokes about the significance of a prime number with little innate interest when I host #31 the following week.) So be thinking this week about submitting a post or getting your blogging friends to submit a post. Email William either by using the button on his sidebar or sending a message to beyondtherim at and including Christian Carnival in the subject line. Also include the following information:

Blog name
Blog URL
post name
post URL
brief description of post

If you have a mail client with a receipt request, William requests that you use it to request a reciept. If you don't receive such a receipt or a message from him, assume he hasn't gotten your sumission.


What are the submission rules for CC XXXI?

I'll post them by Sunday.


    The Parablemen are: , , and .



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