China Drops One-Child Rule

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Well, sort of. I can't access the Wall Street Journal article World Magazine links to, so I'm not as sure of the details as I'd like to be.

I guess they realized how critical their woman shortage has gotten. I'm not sure they realized that their policy turns out to be sexist given the negative impact on women that it has (even though there was no sexist intent). They absolutely don't admit anything bad about the near-forced abortion policy. Still, their decision to allow parents to have another child if they have a girl is a step in the right direction.


When you have over 1 billion people in your country, it is easy to start thinking about food supply and shortages of various kinds. Usually there are several ways of dealing with it:

1) Increase food production (which they can't do because communism has pretty much wrecked the country, although not to the extent that they are willing to admit it),
2) Decrease population growth by restricting numbers of birth (which has worked marvelously for years),
3) Make up excuses to persecute (and execute) people such as Christians, homosexuals, capitalists, "right-wingers/counterrevolutionaries", etc. It's also good for "purifying" the party doctrine and thought. If you kill off the bad people, then there will be more food for the good people.

I see that they are no longer able to claim #1 and #3 as viable options since there is more food than before, and they can't just go door-to-door and drag people to noonday beheadings anymore. So they decided to do away with #2 as well.

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