Cheney Shut Out

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Some people think President Bush does nothing and really lets Dick Cheney run the show. Well, Cheney acknowledged today that that's at least not always the case. He reminded people of his stance on gay marriage, which doesn't quite agree with the president's. He said he has no problem with anyone having a relationship with anyone else, but he thinks the marriage issue should be left to the states (by which he undoubtedly means state legislatures, not state judges). Bush, on the other hand, holds a similar view in principle but has supported an amendment that would prevent states from going one way on the issue, though his reason for supporting the amendment is because he thinks the judges have gotten out of hand in not allowing the state legislatures to do their job. It's not a strong difference, but it's a policy difference, and it shows that when the president really wants to do something Cheney disagrees with he will still do it.



I'm not sure if you know this, but according to the Weekly World News, Dick Cheney is a robot. That might explain some discrepancies.

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