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If anyone can find any books other than Unfit for Command that Amazon has opened up for whatever people feel like saying, please let me know. Until then, I'm considering it a double standard. Their reason is that ad hominem attacks can't be restricted during a presidential campaign, which is pretty lame. Of course they can be, and they're still doing it on all their other books. If they want to come out and say that this book is different, giving a reason why it's different, then they should do so. They should just be aware that whatever they might say in such an explanation might also apply to books about Bush by Al Franken, Peter Singer, or others who put forth unresearched and undefended claims that fit at best partially with the facts. It's true that this book isn't exactly trustworthy on every point, but neither are most political books intended at attacking someone, and a double standard is a double standard.


I haven't heard of this book "Unfit to Command," and I don't know anything about Amazon's policies about commenting on books, but before you disparage at least the most recent book by Al Franken, you'd do well to read it. On a final not, that President Bush is unfit to command seems so self-evident that a book pointing this out hardly seems necessary.

The Amazon policy thing turned out not to be a problem, or at least it turned out not to be the problem I thought it was. It was a bad way of doing things, but it wasn't because of a double standard.

The book is about Kerry, not Bush. I'm not sure how you couldn't have heard about it. It's only the most talked-about book in the political sphere. The first half of the book deals with his combat record, including how he got his purple hearts and questioning whether he was as brave as he says by suggesting that he really wanted to hasten his departure from the combat zone as soon as possible. The second half deals with his protests after he got back to the U.S., which many Vietnam vets see as betraying them.

50% of the country disagrees so strongly with you on whether Bush is fit to command that it can hardly be self-evident. (People who have never heard of him also wouldn't have an opinion, so that in itself shows that it's not self-evident, but I think you really mean that it's obvious and not that it's self-evident.)

As for Al Franken, I know what he says. I've heard him say it. I have no interest in reading a book that's supposed to be about lying by someone who isn't very honest himself when he frames his criticisms. He's not as bad as Michael Moore, but he's certainly at least as bad as the left thinks O'Reilly and Limbaugh are.

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