You Can't Take an IQ Test

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King of Fools pointed out a while ago (I'd saved a link to it and just noticed that I hadn't gotten around to posting about it) that people scared of test result discrepancies have prevented black children from taking IQ tests in California. Removing a test that's remarkably good at predicting certain kinds of success in life on the grounds that it doesn't lead to equal scores for every group defeats the purpose of trying to identify what factors lead to those kinds of success in life, which is the only way to identify whatever leads to the lower test scores among black students and therefore the only way to progress toward solving any problems that lead to that test score gap (and the only way to see if any particular attempts to deal with problems are working).

Even aside from that, I'm not sure how this policy can still be maintained given California's rejection of race-based preferences as discrimination, unless that was just a rejection of one specific kind of race-based preferences in the form of affirmative action in college and university admissions.

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