Urgent Hoax Warning!

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Someone I know and trust fairly well through the Kerry Livgren and Kansas internet circles (I think we even got married the same day or maybe a week apart or something) sent this:

I hate those hoax warnings, but this one is important! Send this warning to EVERYONE on your E=mail list immediately. If someone comes to your front door saying they are conducting a survey and asks you to take your clothes off, DO NOT DO IT!!! This is a scam; they only want to see you naked. I wish I'd gotten this warning yesterday. I feel so stupid and cheap now ........


-I think you need to delete this post. What happens is some internet viruses 'take over' someone's email address and send the email to everyone on the latter's email list [I forgot the technical term for this]. Just delete this. Some jerk hacker is having delicious fun right now. Your friend had nothing to do with it...[unless you've emailed them for confirmation]

What - someone actually thought this was for real?!?! Incredible, "marksteen", just incredible.

He didn't think the survey was real. He thought someone might really have been forwarding this email, not knowing that there was no such survey, and that I received it in the same spirit.

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