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Stargate Atlantis, the spinoff of my favorite currently-running TV series,
Stargate SG-1, made its debut last Friday. Check out the review at Back of the Envelope for more details. I'm excited about two hours of Stargate every Friday night. The new show looks really good so far and will easily be one of my favorite three shows (depending on how Enterprise does with the change of show-runner in the fall; it's been #2 on my list this season).

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Stargate: Atlantis from Messy Christian on July 22, 2004 9:35 AM

img alt="Nice chair. Press red button to detonate super weapon." src="" width="250" height="167" border="0" style="float: right; margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px;" />I'm a big fan of Stargate SG-1.... Read More

Stargate: Atlantis from Messy Christian on July 22, 2004 9:42 AM

I'm a big fan of Stargate SG-1. If I had the cash, I would buy the entire seven seasons of it! Well, Stargate: Atlantis premiered recently, and apparently it's quite a hit in the ratings department. Basically, the story in Read More


I have seen numerous SG-1 episodes, and they were all solid with decent plots. The only mildly, mildly annoying thing is Richard Dean Anderson's character, which sometimes comes off as being more "side-kick" than "Picard" (if you know what I mean). But SG-1 gets an overall favorable rating from me, and I am looking forward to seeing SGA sometime soon.

I find Anderson's character to be one of the more endearing elements of the show. I never saw him as anything other than a leader. He has a very different style from that of Picard, but it's the humor of the character that I like most, especially his pretense of stupidity and the bitter sarcasm and detest for cliches. Now that they've promoted him to Brigadier General and put him in charge of the whole facility, it should be amusing.

I see. I didn't know he (i.e. his character) got promoted to brig. gen. That should be interesting indeed, assuming that the whole thing doesn't come off as being a "M*A*S*H"-rerun.

I wonder who Col. Klink would be.

If you missed the promotion, then you missed the highest-rated episode of all time. This season's premiere was very good.

They're going to have a Russian character meddling in the SGC's affairs and trying to become the fourth member of SG-1 now that O'Neill is more planet-bound. Maybe he'll be like Klink.

I love Richard Dean Anderson's Col (now General) O'Neill. His remarks are often so darn funny. Fav episode: Window of opportunity. Simply priceless and funny!

I thought they said SG-1 is going to be a three-party unit? (Guess not!)

BTW, I love SG: Atlantis too! Putting up a review soon.

It is going to be three. This Russian wants to be the fourth, but O'Neill won't give in. That's the way the episode guide made it sound, anyway.

Yeah, it's pretty doubtful that O'Neill would allow that to happen.

Season 8 is pretty interesting so far. What with the human replicators! I wish Jonas Quinn would return for a few episodes. I have a soft spot for the guy and thought that he left way too abruptly.

I'm loving Atlantis. I started a discussion group if anyone is interested:

On to SG1 - I also loved Jonas Quinn. I was kind of hoping they would add him back on to the team after Jack was promoted. It makes more sense to me than suddenly SG1 only having 3 members. Then we'd have both Danny and Jonas and life would be good. :)

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