Saddam's Stroke

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I haven't seen much on this yet, but they did interrupt the DNC coverage once to mention that Saddam Hussein's lawyers have said that he has had a stroke. They're not sure if he'll live long enough to stand trial. This is pure speculation, but I have to wonder if this is legit or some tool for manipulating things related to the trial. I also can't help but wondering if such an injury could possibly be self-inflicted. I don't know how you could give yourself a stroke, if that's what happened, but doesn't Saddam seem to be the sort of guy to commit suicide to avoid standing trial? It wouldn't surprise me.

Speculation aside, I'm not sure what the right response to this should be. Should I feel sad? Should I be glad? Should I hope and pray that he does stand trial if I want justice will be served in the end? I could delight that God will see justice done after his death, but I can't help but wonder if the most important Christian response is to pray for Saddam's salvation before his life ends. That's something that I hesitate to think most Christians will do upon hearing this, thinking of course that he doesn't deserve it. Well, who does? No one is beyond the gospel, and when sin abounds grace abounds as well. I don't expect someone who considers America (and the Christianity he associates with it) to be the great Satan to consider Christ, but early Christians didn't expect the guy standing around with the stoners of Stephen to be the greatest Christian missionary of all time.


At least they did not say that he has suffered a "hemorrhage". It could have been a 9mm hemorrhage for all we know, thus putting him out of his misery.

Good thoughts, Jeremy. Thanks for reminding us that we are to be Christ-followers first. Politics should rank much lower on the list.

I find this very sad. I know that Saddam did a lot of horrible things, and I suppose the typical reaction would be to be glad that he is suffering. But I can't seem to be glad of that.

I hope that he finds peace within himself, and some sort of resolution with God before he dies.

If true, the stroke could take his life, or not, I wouldn't be concerned one way or another. His rampage is at a close, and Iraq is rid of him, let God do the rest. I'd like to see how the Iraqis would react if he kicked the bucket before he got the chair.

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