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Here's some more stuff I've decided not to have longer posts on.

At Writing to Understand, Kris gives some reasons not to be so harsh with Fahrenheit 9/11. There really is something to be learned from it, even if you have to know a lot about the issues to be able to evaluate which bits are something to be learned and which are complete fabrications.

I knew video games were good for something.

Also from McConchie, a debunking of numerous claims about fetal stem cells. Destroying embryos doesn't seem to be worth it even if you ignore the fact that you're killing a human being.

Mark Liberman of Language Log has more on Bush's supposed disfluencies. This time an extremely respected linguist, George Lakoff, says Bush proved himself to be an excellent debater when running for governor. He describes him as eloquent, quick on his feet, and able to get out complicated sentences smoothly and without hesitation. Liberman considers a few theories as to why he seems to have become less that way during the 2000 presidential race and during his presidency. Interesting stuff.


Just wanted to make a small clarification. Those comments concerning the Moore movie that I posted on my site, are a good friend of mine's thoughts not mine. He is a classical liberal, he is a christian, he is very intelligent, kind, and always diplomatic, and that is why I have even given an ear to what he had to say on the subject. I still haven't decided if I am going to see the wretched movie yet. You have a nice blog, btw.

Yes, I probably should have made that clearer. Sorry.

No problem, I just didn't want to be thought of in people's minds, as being so "open-minded" that I would actually defend Michael Moore!

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