Parableman's Top Ten?

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Baldilocks is approaching her 500th post and is planning a top ten list of her posts. I'm also approaching 500. This is my 489th post.

I don't have a list of my favorite ten posts, as she does. I do have a list of posts in my side column that would be my best candidates. Some of them have been diverted to posts listing more than one in the interest of saving room in that list (and unfortunately the link rot from moving hasn't all been fixed in some of those meta-posts, but the titles are there, and the search engine on this site will find the ones I haven't yet fixed). Being moved to such a meta-post and out of the main list doesn't indicate that those posts are less deserving. They're just more easily grouped.

Does anyone have any favorite posts that should be in this list? Maybe it's vain to ask, but if I'm following Baldilocks into vanity it's at least good company.


I would have to vote for the 4th of July post. And also the one looking at the various versions of the Bible. The potentiality/limited atonement pair should probably also make the list.

And of course, you can't leave the one about your wife off the list.....

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