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This is my 500th entry, and as I said a few days ago I decided to do a top ten list of my favorite entries, but I can't limit it to just ten, so I'm going with fifteen. I only got one response in my request for recommendations, with quite a few items recommended, and I don't know if it's better to weight that heavily or just take it as one person's preferences, but I do happen to agree that all of those are among my best, so I've included them all.

I've decided not to rank them, because it's hard enough settling on the fifteen posts I like the most. Ordering them would be much more difficult, so they're in chronological order. I'll do some analysis in another post.

1. Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? (20 January, 14 comments)
2. A Deeper Notion of Marriage (23 January, 3 comments)
3. Intellectuals and grasping the mercies of God (15 February, 1 comment)
4. Racial Narratives (20 February, no comments)
5. Matthew's use of scripture (21 February, no comments)
6. Victimology (26 February, 4 comments)
7. My Amazing Wife (27 February, 1 comment)
8. Separatism (11 March, 1 comment)
9. Is There Potentiality in God? (17 March, no comments)
10. Limited Atonement (19 March, 7 comments)
11. All Creation Groans (23 March, 1 comment)
12. Presuppositional Apologetics (3 April, 7 comments)
13. Does the Bible Count as Evidence for Christianity? (24 April, 3 comments)
14. Review of Bible Translations (22 May, 14 comments)
15. What Should Christians Think of July 4? (3 July, 17 comments)

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