Nader's Tax Reform

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I'd never vote for Ralph Nader. The reason I know so little about him is because I've heard enough complete nonsense from him that I haven't thought it worth the time to pursue finding out any more. Stuart Buck has an excerpt from a Pat Buchanan interview with Nader that reveals a conservative streak in the man -- tax policy.

Two items of note:

1. The highest rate of taxation was 70% in the 1970s, and Reagan brought it down to 28%. Clinton took it up to 39.6%, and Bush lowered it slightly to 35%. John Kerry wants to raise it again, though I don't know how far. I'd be interested to know if anyone has a figure. Interestingly, Joe Lieberman was claiming that Bush had it lower than Reagan and was saying it needed to be raised back to the Regan levels, but this data doesn't fit with that. Does anyone have more information on some more nuanced meaning behind Lieberman's statements? He doesn't seem like the completely ignorant type. Anyway, guess what Nader thinks the limit of taxation for the highest group should be? He thinks Bush set it at the right level. On this issue, Kerry is more liberal than Nader. Fancy that!

2. Nader's huge difference with both Bush and Kerry is fairly radical. He wants to raise the threshold for exemption from taxes to a level significantly higher than the current one. How high? $100.000. He's more conservative than Bush on this one! This seems to me to go way too far, at least all at once, since we really need to wean the government off taxes if we're going to lower them such a huge amount, but I give him credit for an adventuresome tax policy that's in the right direction, even if it's way too far in the right direction.

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