FMA and Tolerating Non-Christian Marriage

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Proverbial Wife has a followup here to her post on the anti-gaymarriage amendment, with a thought-provoking point about why Christians don't and shouldn't have problems tolerating nonbelievers getting married to begin with. What does that have to do with the FMA? Read the post.


Isnt there something about the way that law works and its relationships to this marraige amendment stuff ? What I mean is ... If same sex marraiges are ok'd legally ? Then to speak against it from the pulpit ... couldnt that be construed as a hate crime ?


Abortion is legal, and it's ok to speak against it from the pulpit. The same is true of discrimination based on sexual orientation (legal in most states), sodomy (also legal in most states), birth control, wearing underwear on your head, Harry Potter, playing cards, interracial dating, prohibitions against interracial dating (legal as long as you know you won't get accreditation), television, being drunk, wearing unmatched socks, smoking, premarital sex, covetousness, stinginess, women wearing pants, eating meat, dancing, and a whole myriad of things that it's ok to preach against, some of them really wrong and others perfectly innocent. Is that enough to show that something's being legal doesn't make it illegal to speak against it from the pulpit?

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