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Since people have been crying out for a review of someone who has seen the film who critiques it, here it is. Judging by the comparison between Moore and Bush, I think it's safe to say that the reviewer isn't a huge fan of the president. Still, the review is virtually nothing but correctives on the basic facts.

The one that shocked me was Moore's continuance of the falsehood that Gore would have won if the recount had continued. Different standards for recounting would have yielded different results, but a recount using the more likely recount standards would have yielded Bush as the winner. I hadn't heard this one trotted out in a while except in slogans about election-stealing. People presenting facts have pretty much acknowledged this one. Moore isn't among them, apparently.


actually that's false, Jeremy. Two weeks, on Charlie Rose, Moore made this point. When Charlie asked him why he didn't put it in the film, his response was: "We are talking about what Bush did, not Gore, that's another movie." Moore also has this on his webiste. Again, this point was made on the Jim Lehrer Hour, the BBC, and Le Monde.

Note also that Moore did the same as Bush: "Make up your mind given the barrage of images". Bush (or Cheney), did much the same: "Here's the facts, make up your mind." What's the difference?

I watched Clinton interviewed 100 times, and Brit Hume (of Fox News) misqouted him. If I had not heard Clinton, then Hume would have persuaded me.

One last thing: it wasn't simply a recount, but a recount of the whole state, something that you don't mention. Why Gore denied that, I don't know. It wasn't a recount restricted to a county.

I'm having trouble figuring out what some of the pronouns in your comment refer to. What was a recount of the whole state? What Moore was referring to as leading to Gore winning? What would have gone for Bush? I think the first is false, the second true. The Florida newspapers, from what I remember, were applying the four standards to the counties that had been recounting but stopped.

My sense from reading this review was that Moore flatly stated that Bush would have won had the recount taken place. I'm not sure why stating the full story elsewhere changes that.

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