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I'm not talking about the religious right. Christian Conservative is a blog I've really just discovered. I think I looked at his site when it first joined the Blogdom of God a while back, and I probably made a mental note to look back in on it occasionally to see if I liked it. I generally like a good track record before I'll plug something.

This time I'm making an exception. So many of the last few posts are so interesting that I've added it to my blogroll. I expected a site primarily about politics, but it seemed mostly about theology and the Christian life, with some political reflection, often more general analysis looking at biblical themes. Here are some of the posts that drew my interest:

Hearing God's Voice raises the question of what we might ask God if we were allowed to ask one question. Many of us would ask a theological question or perhaps something about God's working in history that we never understood. Some might ask about the future. Christian Conservative suggests "How am I doing?" and illustrates with the case of Zedekiah, the last (puppet) king of Judah before the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, who did seek out God's prophet Jeremiah when he realized that he'd been right in his predictions but who couldn't bring himself to accept what Jeremiah was saying. Zedekiah didn't need any further information to do what was necessary. He just needed to listen to it and act accordingly.

God's Will of Disposition gets to the multiple wills of God issue and raises something that should have come up in the Blogdom of God discussions a few months back. I don't think he's framed it just right, and you can look to my comment for that, but he's gotten something right that we should have been more careful about. His view generally seems very similar to the one I and a number of others defend.

Don't assume God is on our side gives a healthy balance to the religious right, who claim to be fighting God's war and the anti-Christian left, who seem to think anyone with a religious motive is doing what the religious right do. The approach Christian Conservative is advocating here is simply seeking to do what's right, and therefore one will be doing what God wants. It's not assuming God is on our side. It's attempting to see what God is doing and joining it by doing what's right. I can't help adding that President Bush often gets accused of assuming God is on his side, when the truth of the matter is that he takes the same approach Christian Conservative is advocating, judging by the reports of those close to him. I've been wanting to post on that for a long time, but my list of links on the topic keeps increasing as I put it off, so it's going to me a major enough undertaking that it might have to wait until this summer course is over.

The Power of Power is a great post about balance of power, abuse of authority, corruptibility from an originally good position, and related issues, presumably arising out of the judicial abuse of late but reminding us of the criticisms Jesus had for the scribes (i.e. scholars and teachers of the Torah) of his day.

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