Christian Carnival XXV

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Messy Christian is this week's Christian Carnival host. It's even bigger this week at 27 entries (actually 30, because three people violated one of the basic ground rules of the Christian Carnival, and as far as I know all blog carnivals, by submitting two entries from the same blog), and unsurprisingly I have a few more posts to recommend than I sometimes do.

My 4th of July post is there., but so is Belief Seeking Understanding's important counterbalance to some of what I say.

Rebecca Writes has a good introduction to the Reformed view called monergistic regeneration, which roughly speaking says that God doesn't work in cooperation with us in initiating the process of salvation (though I feel compelled to add that it would be both misleading and morally wrong to say as the common straw man of Calvinism has it that we and our choices aren't involved in that process, since they pretty much are that process).

Mark Roberts is working on a series on worship. His first post is here, and the Christian Carnival entry is here.

I've been saving up a post on this, and I may still do it, but View from the Pew can give you a sense of the National Association of Evangelicals' letter on politics. It may surprise you.


OOh, OOh! There are _rules_ somewhere???!!! Please lead me to them, so I don't accidentally step on them again!

And, there are other Carnivals? I never knew that! Maybe I have to get out more. [grin]

karen marie

Nick has just sent a more explicit set of rules to the hosts, but I'm not sure he's put it on his site yet. The original post explaining the Christian Carnival back in January said one post per blog (though people with more than one blog can submit one for each blog, I assume). It also had some set of guidelines about what posts count as Christian enough and what sort of material isn't allowed (profanity, pornography, criticism of orthodox Christian belief, general assumption of orthodox Christian belief with some exceptions). I hope he does post his new version of this on his site. If he does, I'll link to it in my weekly plugs.

There's a list of a few other carnivals at King of Fools, and there are lists of even more if you follow those links. Carnival of the Vanities is the first and most popular. The others are about specific topics (e.g. economics, cats, Blogs for Bush, worst post of the week). Another list of carnivals is at this post at the blog that started CotV.


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