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The 96th Carnival of the Vanities is up at soundfury. Five hours ago, I'd already gotten 12 hits from it, which is more than I've ever gotten from COTV in the past. No one has left a comment or (that I know of) linked, so perhaps they didn't expect such an in-depth post from such a short description that it analyzes a definition of racism. In the Olympics theme, it is labeled cross-country, though!

I enjoyed this post at INCITE about libertarianism, laws like the Patriot Act, and when it's ok to disobey the law.

Also, QandO has a great post on socialized medicine.

Update: Somehow the link to the carnival itself got removed, along with part of the sentence it was in, before this got post. It's fixed now. I forgot to link to my own post too, and that's now there. One post I referenced turns out not to have been in the carnival. Blogger's typical problem with not directing you to the right entry but hanging out at the top of the page led to this misunderstanding. Since it was the post I did write about that I wanted to highlight and not the one that had been submitted for the carnival, I'm removing it and putting it in its own entry.


Thanks for the link, but you're linking to the Carnival entry on Anarchy, not the abortion entry. Might want to fix that.

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