Carnival of the Vanities XCVII

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Jeff Doolittle hosted the 97th COTV this week. It contains my post about Colin Powell's being not black enough for some people and how that undermines one of the primary motivations for affirmative action.

I don't mention this post at goobage on dumb things John Kerry has said so much to make fun of Kerry but to show that most of the things Bush gets made fun of for are extremely common for anyone doing a lot of public speaking. It doesn't show lack of intelligence. It shows humanity. Some people are a little better at avoiding such things, but the facts in this case are that preconceived opinions lead people to focus on Bush (and Quayle before him) and ignore how much others do the same thing.

I don't know anything about the election this post at Spot On is about, but the story of black voters being handed Democratic ballots and being told that they really should be voting on Democratic ballots once they return it and ask for a Republican ballot is pretty sick. Racism takes some odd forms. Not quite as bad, but pretty silly, is Politcal Correctness Watch's story of a woman who was told she was discriminatory for including "hard-working" in a job description.

And now for the most shocking of all: QandO has done some digging into the 9/11 Commission to see that they've disproved a number of claims by Bush's opponents. The connections between al Qaeda and Saddam were much stronger than mere communication, according to statements by Richard Clarke. Iraq and al Qaeda made repeated overtures to each other regarding Iraq serving as Bin Laden's new home if it became clear that the Taliban couldn't protect him. It turned out that such an agreement never solidifed, but that's quite a connection. Going after Iraq was something General Franks, Paul Wolfowitz, and Tony Blair all pursued before Bush was willing to consider it a priority. Bush even himself dismissed the possible connection between Iraq and 9/11 that some within the administration were pushing.


I once made an incorrect assumption about a black voter when I was working as an election judge at a Republican primary. A rather frail black man came to vote. Since he was black, I figured he had come to the Republican primary mistake, and since he was old I figured that he was mixed up.

I said, "Sir, do you realize that this is the Repbulcian primary?"
He snapped at me, "Yes, I know that. My wife is over there voting for the Democrats, but I'm a Republican."

You just never know. . .

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