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One of the lesser-known blog carnivals is the Best of Me Symphony. The specialty of this one is best posts of a blog. To be a best post, a post needs to stand the test of time, so all submissions must be at least two months old. The quality of submissions is much higher than most carnivals, and this week's looks to have some great stuff, judging by the descriptions. I submitted my Freedom not to Pledge, partly because I thought it was one of my better posts from a prior age, partly because the discussion in the comments was so engaging.


I'm sure you can guess what my questions is: where's the next one?

This one has a permanent host, as far as I've been able to figure out. The blog that hosted it this week is run by the person who has just taken over running it. The old person hosted it every week, I believe, or at least took the submissions every week. I'm expecting something similar with a new person in charge, but maybe that's not so.

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