A New Low

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In the endless quest for more linkage, I submitted my women's bicycles post to the Bonfire of the Vanities, and somehow the host thought it was bad enough to get in.

I've got some good contentful posts planned, but I just haven't had both the time and energy at the same time to do much with one kid who has been sick over a week now, another in his first week of school ever (I've had to bring him and pick him up along with bureaucracy and trying to be aware of what they're doing with him and how they intend to help his high needs), and my first week of an intense five-week summer class (though it helps that I've taught it before). I hope to get something more in depth written in as the week goes on.


So sorry about your difficulties...hope your child feels better soon and the nightmare of bureaucratic tape is over soon, too! Will send up one of those arrow prayers for you today. (Quick, to the point)

Congrats on the blog achievement - may you have many more and all the linkage your heart desires.
Hey wait... is that akin to all the quails ?.... Just Kidding!

Hope you don't hate my kind of kidding, but I feel risky today.

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