Whites in Black Satin Churches

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For those who didn't follow the comments on my lengthy post on Christians and race relations, you should read this story for the background on this next item.

This is probably what most of the people at my in-laws' church think of me. Hey! It's what white Christian college students think of me and say to my face! I've spent enough time reading John Locke and Jonathan Edwards to know that 'enthusiasm' used to be a dirty word.

I need to put up a link somewhere to the Holy Observer, but I can't figure out where it would fit best. Any ideas?

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Reminds me of when I was school age and we lived in Wheaton while my dad was in school. Every Sunday we drove into the south side of Chicago to attend church in a Mennonite mission in an old storefront run by some distant relative of my dads. In the storefront right next door there was a black Baptist church. One Sunday a lady got mixed up and accidently came into the Mennonite church service instead. She stayed and participated in the worship service enthusiatically. As a child, I was quite impressed, and it made me long to be next door where things were more enthusiastic instead of stuck in the somber service I was in. After that, whenever I heard bits of music wafting in from next door, I was really, really jealous....

Talk about the law of unintended consequences. I had my qualms about introducing "filthy lucre" when I first heard the offer to pay others to come. Fortunately only a handfull took up the offer.

Andy, this is satire.

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