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I was planning to write something really cool for my 400th entry, but I wasn't planning to get around to it today, and Wink has forced my hand by posting his excellent comment-generating entries (which also conveniently allowed me to forbear from posting anything at all yesterday without a gap in days on the blog), so we're now at post 400. Still, circumstances conspired to generate something even better for entry 400.

Prosblogion, the philosophy of religion blog that I've been talking about, is now up and moving along at full pace. The name comes from Anselm's famous Proslogion, in which he presents the ontological argument for the existence of God. We have two faculty members and three graduate students from various locations involved so far, and Matthew Mullins (as administrator of the site) has some feelers out to some other philosophers of religion to see if they're interested. The level of discussion is already higher than I'd hoped to see within the first few weeks. Our two resident faculty have intitiated with a few great posts on the possibility of more than one perfect being and on the topic of God's sovereignty and human freedom, and I've just posted a sort of solution to the vexing problem facing Leibniz about how he can have contingency and freedom in God while still endorsing the Principle of Sufficient Reason.


Did you start the Prosoblogion ? If you ... just wanted to say that, you ought to monitor it carefully, so that a high level of quality discussion is maintained.

... Just that I have seen a lot of idiots out on the net on more than an occasion discussing all sorts of stupid things.

Over and out from the land of peaches and sunshine - Atlanta ...

God Bless,

It was my idea, and I mentioned it on a couple philosophy blogs. When Matthew, who hosts this site, heard about it he decided he wanted to host it here also, so he's really in charge. I don't have any direct control over the blog except for posting privileges. He's allowed me some input in the process of setting it up. I came up with a bunch of names, which I assume led him to come up with the one we chose, though my vote for this one seems to have made the difference.

Atlanta? I assume just a trip and not another move?

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