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I've been playing around with the color scheme, but I wasn't able to find anything I liked until Wink found a blog with colors that looked really good. I didn't have any distinction between followed and unfollowed links before, and I couldn't find another shade of yellow that looked right. The other colors I tried didn't look right with the background I had. It turned out I needed to darken the background a little to get other colors to look bright enough, but then I couldn't darken it all the way to black or the book and CD covers with black on the edges looked really amorphous. I also figured out how to get post titles into normal text (and not just capitals). Now I just need to figure out how to get my email address worked into my name under my posts with the proper spam protection.

Any thoughts on the new look?


I have to admit I always prefer dark text against a light background. I find the old CRT style to be a strain on my eyes. If you do have such a scheme a switch to reverse them would be nice. (If that is possible -- I don't know what software you are using)

I hafta agree with Clark. Even though I like light-on-dark stylistically, for reading purposes, dark-on-light works better. That's why I switched back.

Yeah, it's a general typographic rule that light letters on a dark bg is hard to read and hurts the eyes. I've always thought it looks really neat, but when I first pulled up your blog with this new color, my eyes almost went into tunnel vision for a second. My old blog was light on dark (even though I knew better), and everyone complained, so I finally changed it.

That's really strange, because I've always heard the reverse, and my experience has confirmed it for myself. I think it's much easier to read light on dark.

Wink has offered to do a complete overhaul of the look later in the summer, so we'll see what happens. I don't have the time or ability to do that sort of thing myself.

interestingly enough, it looks different on my desktop than it does on the lap. on the lcd screen, the background looked black. this looks like a more moderate dark. it might be the exact same, but it looks different.

J, it does seem that way sometimes, and like I said, I do like the look of it, but in the long run it's very tiring. Try reading a really long post vs. the same post with dark type on a light bg. You'll read the latter much faster. This also applies to reading sans serif typefaces. The reason most books are printed in serif typefeaces is that the serifs are actually what the eye keys in on, along with X-height (the height of the body of a lower case letter). People actually don't read the letters in a word, they recognize the shape of it (studies have been done where they string a group of word-shaped boxes together, and people can basically guess what the words are, if the shapes mimic lower-case letters). Which is why long stretches of all caps are hard to read after a while too: there's less differentiation between the letters since all the letters are the same size (i.e., the shape is essentially the same, so it forces you to read the letters, which slows reading).

Anyway, I like your colors. The Prussian Blue bg is very fetching.

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