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Update: Nick has extended the deadline to 9am tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

Patriot Paradox is back online after having to move to a temporary location for a week or so. Tomorrow he's hosting the Big 20 for the Christian Carnival.

If you have a blog, this will be a great way to get read, and possibly pick up readers in the process, or highlight your favorite post from the past week. There's still time left, and since he may extend has extended some grace if you plead with him and tell him you get your information about the Carnival from me and say that I was away all weekend and just got back to read my email about where the Carnival is located. Actually, just send him the information he asks for. He probably doesn't want to read all that.

To enter is simple. First your post should be of a Christian nature, but this does not exclude posts that are political (or otherwise) in nature from a Christian point of view. Then do the following:

email Nick at

Provide the following:

Title of your Blog
URL of your Blog
Title of your post
URL linking to that post
Description of the Post

Cut off date is Tuesday by 8 pm EST Wednesday 9 am EST

If you are reading this and are not a part of the Christian Carnival mailing list please visit this link and join up:

*Also if you wish to host the Carnival in coming weeks email Nick at *

All questions are welcome. Get your entry in asap!

Contact Info:
Nick Queen


Missed it again. I think I need a personal assistant just to help me follow the Christian Carnival.

There's a mailing list to receive updates on where the Carnival will be and when it's been posted. Are you on that list? The information is in the post above.

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