Christian Carnival XXII

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The Christian Carnival is now fully up at Belief Seeking Understanding. Because this is the biggest one so far (20 entries), he wasn't able to get it all done at once, but the second post with the final nine entries now joins the first post with the first eleven entries.

I have to mention my post arguing biblically that any prioritizing of anything above God is idolatry and Sam's What Would Jesus Eat? I'll highlight two others, both from blogs I haven't spent much if any time on before.

Matt Hall's Restless Experientialists has some choice words for what I think is one of the biggest problems in the church of Jesus Christ in the United States today. Part of my appreciation of this post is that I've been on the receiving end of those who assume extroverted excitement at tangential things is crucial for Christian maturity while ignoring the long-term character of the fruit of the Spirit and reinterpreting the fruit of the Spirit as overt and temporal happiness.

Writing to Understand shows how easy it is to let misimpressions of someone color your every interaction with them.

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