Christian Carnival XXIII

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I'm two days late getting to this, but the 23rd Christian Carnival is up at Randomness. My Divine Capitalization is there. No special recommendations from me this time for the following reasons:

1. Most people who read this blog who care about the Christian Carnival have already read it this week.
2. I didn't find any of the posts to be head and shoulders knees and toes above all the rest (sorry, I've got kids on the brain even after being physically separated from them for over 29 hours now).
3. The ones that I considered flagging all would have required lengthy comments, either to disagree with minor points that may not have been worth the time or to start what really deserves to be a lengthy dialogue that I really don't have the time for.
4. Dawn has already said something about every post. It isn't always what I'd say, but it's more than what most hosts do (which is simply to post the person's own description or to post a slightly modified version with pronouns and such things changed around).
5. If you haven't read this week's Christian Carnival at this point, you should get on over there and read it and not wade through what I have to say. Of course, this ridiculous list is serving as just as bad a distraction, so I'd better end it.

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