Carnival of the Vanities XCIII

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OK. 93 looks really funny in Roman numeral form. I just had to say that.

I've got a post in the most prestigious carnival of the blogosphere (or at least the most widely known), my post from last week on race and the death penalty. The Carnival of the Vanities is at quasi in rem this week. I haven't looked at the other entries, but since I'll probably get hits and maybe links off this, I should plug it myself to be fair.


Hey Jeremy, just wanted to say hey and stop by your site. Thanks for sharing your insight!

Is there a Carnival of the Vanities e-mail list? How do I get on it?

I don't know of one. They do have a list of upcoming stops through September at the bottom of the current one. Not every host seems to do that, but many of them do, so you can always find out where the current one is. I usually keep a record of it and check back to make sure if I discover that I have something worth submitting. This is only the second time I've done it, usually because I don't think of it. A mailing list would help.

I was wrong there is a list. All the info is here.

Apparently there's some disagreement of opinion about whether this is the 92nd of 93rd Carnival. The host says it's 93. The founder says 92.

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