Woman gives birth to own grandchildren

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Here's a surrogate mother case that doesn't raise all the usual ethical questions (not even those raised by other family members such as a sister as a surrogate mother).

I wonder if we can get the right further connections her to make someone his own grandpa.

From One Hand Clapping, who also comments on the woman who married herself (on which see my comments).


You know, I've been reading recently about technology that allows two female rats to have a child, and before too long, two males with surrogate rat mother can have a child. Just think of the possibilities. You could be your own uncle, son of your lover's wife's grandma's son-in-law's grandmother, or, to make things juicy, your own father's cousin's second wife. I gotta get in on some of this action...

I believe this is what you mean. It's mice, not rats. Apparently they modify the mouse egg's genome to allow it to do what plants and insects can do, called parthenogenesis.

What strikes me as really strange about this is that people are saying it removes the ethical worries about embryos for stem cell research, since no fertilization occurs. Are these people stupid? This is a way to get a living embryo without fertilization. It's not the method of getting a living embryo that makes people not want to allow destroying the embryo. It's the fact that it's alive and its own organism. That's the case here, even though it came about without fertilization.

I was planning to blog about this and had saved a link to it awhile back, but I realized that this is all I really had to say about it. Now that I've said it, I guess I won't blog about it.

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